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How It Works ?

Brevistay is India’s leading hotel marketplace where you can book thousands of hotels in slots of 3, 6 and 12 hours. At Brevistay You get

Anytime check-in and check-out

Premium and Luxury Hotels starting from ₹2500

Suitable Amenities for Meetings

Dedicated Support

Bulk Booking Discounts

Benefits of Brevistay

Flexible Stays

Anytime Check-in and checkout

Our Excellent Support

We ensure your startup have as seamless booking as possible

Short Stay

Save more on your short-stays between meetings

Across India

We are available across all major cities in India with more than 3000+ hotels

Why B2B Bookings are better?

Business to Customer

Standard Policies

Standard Amenities

Limited Discounts

Business to Business

Curated Policies for Startups

Suitable Amenities for Meetings

Attractive Bulk Booking Discounts

Business Meetings are supposed to be awesome

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