How it Works.

Steps to book a shortstay

Choose City

1. Choose your city and select your favourite hotel on the list

Set Date

2. Select the specific date of your stay and the hour slot of your stay (3, 6 or 12 hours)

Choose Time

3. Choose your own check-in timings

Happy Booking

4. Happy booking! Get ready to enjoy your booking

Why Brevistay?

Affordable - Pay just for the number of hours that you choose to stay with us.
Welcomes everyone - Not only unmarried couples but even singles can book the hourly stay package with us.
High-class facilities - Paying less and a short stay have nothing to do with the quality of the services that you will avail. That is still uncompromised and the best.
Flexible stay packages - You can check-in even at 6 am or at midnight and can book hourly rooms for as less as 3 hours.
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The Ideology behind Brevistay
Right to decide your own check-in - The very thought to provide the most flexible hourly check-ins even at 6 am to the travellers, and to allow couples to get some personal hours to chill and relax, make us introduce Brevistay.
Short and relaxing stay - We provide as short as 3, 6 and 12 hours of stay and make people pay only for the time-slot they have booked with us.
Luxury - We do not let the quantity of your stay affect the quality.
Best hotels at the hourly prices - Many high-rated hotels have collaborated with us. If you are a pilgrimage, an adventure enthusiast biker, an unmarried couple, a business traveller, or a passenger who need to take interconnected flights or trains, we have the hourly stay packages for you all.
Do not spend any extra penny - These exclusive pocket-friendly hourly hotel-booking packages can help you relax and rest well, away from the hustle-bustle of the fast-moving city.
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