a). What is my product/service?

We realize the value of your hard earned money. Brevistay is the ultimate choice for all the travellers and people who need hotel rooms for just a few hours but end up paying for 24 hours and fall victim to the usual 12 noon check-in and check-out rules. We provide rooms for 3, 6 and 12 hours and you have to pay accordingly. It is a one-time solution to all your problems while hotel booking. It is an easily customised and friendly hack to make your travel experiences and short stays convenient and affordable.

We are only a phone call away. You can also visit the website or download the app from Google Play Store.

Download our android app, choose the hotels of your choice and booking is possible on a click.

Forget about the usually forced 12 noon Check-ins and Check out.

b). What does my product/service do?

Our sole purpose is to step out of the clich├ęd norms of the hospitality sector where the non-availability of rooms on hourly basis leads to much of a trouble for the travellers and also causes loses for the hoteliers. There are no issues with the billing. You can pay in cash or even online. You simply have to pay for the number of hours you want to spend in a hotel. We will provide you with the best rooms in the best hotels of North India. You will receive round the clock assistance and our team will be with you at all points. We also have some great last-minute offers and you no longer have to be concerned about your place of stay on short trips or business trips. We will be at your service on just a click.

c). Why in hours and not in days?

We live in a world of shortcuts where everybody likes to enjoy without any efforts which is pocket-friendly. One might find the necessity for a place to repose and get home like comfort for a while to simply unwind and freshen up. One may need a place to rest, freshen up, shower or even catch up with friends for a few hours and booking a hotel for an entire day seems to become a costly affair for most of us. Whether your flight is delayed or you need a place to stay after a meeting or exam you can simply book a room with us. No more tiring hours in the car or airport lobby. You can easily fix meetings without having to opt for costly cafes.

Our service is ideal for following conditions:
Business meetings and travel.
Waiting in hotels near airports, stations, service areas and ports due to delayed flights or trains.
Wait in a hotel near hospital after a tiring day looking after a beloved one.
Take a rest and enjoy naps or time-out for spa and relaxation.
Needs some rest after a concert, festival or cricket match.
Rest after a night out, without having to take the car.
Breaks for leisure and time-out in your own city.

d). How is it different or better than other products/services?

Most hotel booking sites have rigid timings of check-in and check-out. Most also provide rooms only on daily basis and not hourly. We assure you the benefits at absolutely reasonable rates as we do care about your hard earned money. We provide you with the flexibility and choice which is the current demand of the society. You choose and pay accordingly without any trouble.

e). Who will buy the product/service?

This website aims at providing its services to all sections of the society. Serving people and ensuring their comfort is our motto. Most researches have come up with the result that a gamut of people book rooms or need rooms for a few hours but have to pay for 24 hours because of which many hesitate to book rooms. Brevistay gives you the opportunity to book rooms after a concert in a nearby city or a family picnic or even a business meeting or entrance exam for which most of us never require room on 24 hour basis. We are making an attempt at letting people choose their place of stay along with the choice of the period of stay and make most of their of travel experiences.

f). Why will they buy the product/service?

We believe that most of the people will want to avail our service because it is very customer friendly and it saves your hard earned money which you can spend on shopping or eating! It is very easy to use and which no strings attached. No extra money has to be paid and the price range is absolutely convincing and affordable.

g). Who are my competitors?

We strongly believe that healthy competition leads to better business but our aim is not just making money but also helping people simultaneously. We believe in providing top class facilities and treatment to our customers and rectify ourselves with the criticisms and feedbacks. We aim at bettering each day and strengthening the trust of our customers, as Benjamin Franklin said:

That knowing is better than wondering. That waking, is better than sleeping. And that even the biggest failure, even the worst, most intractable mistake, beats the hell out of never trying.