Let’s talk about The Problem, The Need, and The Solution for the everyday Travelers !!



The problem – You are in dire need of getting freshen up before attending an official meeting, plus you also need to dispose of your baggage at a safe place.

The need – In the above case, you require a hotel room which guarantees you privacy, security, and respect for money. That is, you pay for what you do and how much you stay.



The solution – The only solution is to book a room with BREVISTAY.COM and get ready to be the hero/heroine of the meeting!


The problem – Just when you thought that you would reach home early, the rain Gods showered their blessings and all you had was rain. And, in a place like Delhi and NCR, rain doesn’t mean rain but it means potholes and traffic jams.


The need – In this case, you would want to wait for the rain to stop and for the traffic jam to get clear. And, waiting in the car miserably is not you would want. Won’t you feel good and safe to be waiting in a hotel room for some hours and leave when everything gets clear?

The solution – We, here at BREVISTAY.COM, provide you with the facility of booking rooms for a pack of 3hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs or even 24 hrs.


The problem – Want to travel places near or around your city but would also want to book a hotel there, only for a short stay?

The need – There are some places in and around your city, where you wish and can return the same day but also try to book a room for few hours and for that you need to book your room for 3hrs, 6hrs or even 12hrs.

The solution – BREVISTAY.COM is the right platform for you! It is safe and guarantees your privacy the way you require. WHY WAIT THEN? Start the journey to your favorite destination!




The problem – Are you an Explorer? Do you love to visit ruins and monuments? But, the only matter of booking a hotel room for few hours bothers you?

The need – You only need to book a room for a pack of few hours and pay the needed amount.

The solution – Just click BREVISTAY.COM to book a room for hours of your choice. Be it 3hrs, 6hrs, 12 hrs or even 24 hrs. We have ever for you! Give us the chance to be a part of your exploration and help each other. So, where are you heading next?!




The problem – Delhi, a name which has so many legacies and heritage attached to it, has the power to mesmerize anyone and everybody. And, when it is the season of hogging around, all you need is your family, a mode of transportation and the enthusiasm to visit places in Delhi.

The need – But, as you may know, Delhi isn’t a small city! It is as big as a state and all the monuments and ruins and all sorts of historical buildings can’t be covered in a single day and travelling to Delhi everyday from home isn’t a child’s play, especially for those who stay in and around NCR. And, what you need is a hotel room for few hours.

The solution – When it’s about the history lovers, we, at BREVISTAY.COM, are always here to help you out! To make your visits more comfortable and not hectic, BREVISTAY brings to you a plan of booking hotel rooms for a pack of 3hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs or even 24hrs, so that you can roam as much as you desire.